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Because activities and companies slowly, but with resilience, start returning to business, Master Export also maintains its purpose of launching and promoting solutions that can collaborate in order to undertake a resumption of operations and exports with the internationalization of business (or improvement of the solutions implemented in this mission).

Markets are also agitated and, whether or not the result of the pandemic, we are experiencing the acceleration of these policies due to having cleaner cities and an impact on the environment, the solutions related to the Circular Economy and Sustainability find fertile space for development, finding greater relevance on the part of consumers – and consequently with all those who produce for them – whether these are end consumers or companies.

Thus, the purpose of what will be the 5th Seminar within the scope of Master Export will focus on the relevance and importance of the Circular Economy and Sustainability, namely on what impacts the industries such as the two clusters for which Master Export is oriented – Habitat and Metalomechanics.

Within the scope of this seminar, and as described in the document that will be available for consultation with its realization, the circular economy is assumed to be of increasing relevance in the face of finite resources and the needs of environmental balance and the development of society integrated with its environment and ecosystem.

The circular economy is seen as an inevitable future, we all know that the earth’s resources are not unlimited and the persistence in a linear economy that is based on waste is no longer sustainable. A circular economy is fundamentally about reducing waste based on reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of materials.

The advantages of a circular economy will be explained, as well as why the circular economy is being explored in Portugal, from measures taken by the government to companies that help them be supported.

In this seminar we will have the opportunity to explore the concept of Circular Economy and its implications, a condition of increasing relevance for brands and consumers:

Circular Economy goes beyond the scope and strict focus of waste management and recycling actions, aiming at a broader action, from the redesign of processes, products and new business models to the optimization of the use of resources (” circulating “the as efficiently as possible products, components and materials in technical or biological cycles.) It aims at the development of new economically viable and ecologically efficient products and services, rooted in ideally perpetual upstream and downstream conversion cycles. resources, maximizing reuse, increasing efficiency and developing new business models.

We will all be better able to introduce solutions to have a more balanced and sustainable world. At the same time, we will have more competitive and ready industries to provide more relevant solutions to their customers.

Stay tuned and, as soon as there is a confirmation of the date of its scheduling, sign up to understand the implications for your company and “cluster” throughout all operations, and how to better prepare for this inevitable and necessary future.


Be sure to participate in this seminar, and follow the publications here on the blog and on social networks for more information, including the calendar of associated events.

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