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Two associations, two regions, two clusters and one goal.

What Is Master Export?

Portugal is a technological hub beyond digital solutions. Spectacular in tourism, so is it in the industry.
Industry increasingly incorporates more innovation, technology and differentiation in everything it develops and exports for all types of use.
In addition to excellent wines and tourism regions, it has excellent industries concentrated in some areas of the country.
For two of these regions, and for two of their clusters, Master Export is bourn.
With activities carried out in the Águeda (Central Region of Portugal),


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Vale de Cambra and Arouca regions (Northern Region of Portugal), AEA and AECA come together to contribute to the export competitiveness gains of Metalworking and Habitat.
Exporting to an increasingly competitive marketplace, skills gains and coopetition are of greater relevance to competition and of utmost importance to all companies.
That is why Master Export presents itself with the mission of “supporting companies from both regions in a successful internationalization processes”.

Business cooperation

Project of Internationalization for the cluster of Metalomechanical and Habitat.

The regions

Master Export, is a project to support the internationalization of SMEs in the metalworking and habitat sector, with impacts in the regions between Mondego and Minho and especially in the Central Coast and North Regions.
Some of the most important Portuguese companies are in
the Northern and Central Regions, namely in the areas of metalworking, the manufacture of cycle motors and construction materials.
More recently, as a result of its relationship with universities and the creation of value and competitiveness, there have been industrial sectors producing goods with a strong technological component and an export vocation.

The regions of Vale de Cambra / Arouca and Águeda concentrate a vast industrial network, highlighting the ranks that are part of the Master Export – metalworking and habitat, distributed among the various existing industrial zones.
The municipalities of Arouca and Vale de Cambra belong to the district of Aveiro, they are part of the Porto Metropolitan Area, and part of the Northern region and the Entre Douro and Vouga subregions.
Águeda is a municipality in the Center region (Portugal) part of the district of Aveiro.

Where we are

A project to support the internationalization of SMEs in the metalworking and habitat sector, with impacts in the regions between Mondego and Minho. Contact us.

The promoters

AEA – Águeda Business Association, founded in 1976, focuses on representing, promoting and defending the common interests of the associated companies in the Águeda region.
Since the beginning of its activity, it has devoted special attention to its intervention capacity in defense of the causes
of its associates, as well as to the rendering of services in the important areas for the companies. It has contributed also to a better business environment, sustained and sustainable, helping to combine business strategies and objectives in view of the increases of results by companies in the region.

The AECA – Cambra e Arouca Business Association has a prominent role, being a privileged interlocutor of entrepreneurs with the various institutions and partners, in the discussion of issues relevant to the resolution of the various problems of the business fabric, within the dynamics of regional development. Founded in 1991, it has established itself as a multisectoral council association, with operations in Arouca and Vale de Cambra, whose mission is to study and defend the interests related to Trade, Industry and Services, in order to promote and practice everything that can and should contribute to its technical progress, economic and or social.

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