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AECA (Associação Empresarial de Vale de Cambra e Arouca), one of the promoters of Master Export project, in the latest number of their magazine, presented information regarding the project and all it is planned and being done to develop the activities planned.

In this number of the magazine “Encontros” we can find a full description of Master Export, namely:

  • it’s objective regarding the promotion of the exportation of goods from the clusters from the Metalocechanic and Habitat clusters;
  • all the support documentation that is being developed to support these activities;
  • the studies being conducted regarding the target markets (Poland, France, Belgium, Spain and Luxembourg);
  • the promotion of the programme, locally and abroad;
  • the participation on fairs such as “Batimat” and “Maison et Object”
  • all the relationships being developed with chambers of commerce from the target countries included in the project.

On page 20 of this number, you can find the status of development of the activities, and how far they have gone until now, including a board with the degree of execution of the activities foreseen for the duration of the project.

You can read or download the magazine here – “Encontros #11“.

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