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Online training

The pandemic evolution has forced many changes in all activities and the reformulation of many of the objectives and schedules that were previously defined.

The Master Export project is no exception, and many efforts have been made to maintain, within the existing contingencies, both in Portugal and in the destination countries, the project’s activities.

This new pandemic wave, with a significant impact in terms of travel and contacts, has been conditioning the development of some of the activities planned.

However, and within what is possible and what technology (which has contributed to maintain the activity) allows to develop some of the programmed activities and to stimulate contacts, namely with regard to the seminars that have been held in hybrid format quite successfully.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to watch, see the sessions that are available here on the website. (link)
Also in this context, you can also download the notebooks for each of the sessions and some of the presentations made, kindly provided by their participating authors. (link)

In the project activities calendar, you will be able to see the new dates for the development of the project, and that the whole team hopes to be able to fulfill despite the existing contingencies and the future evolution of the situation, with an improvement soon across Europe.

Until then, you can also consult, all the information developed including the thematic notebooks of the project (link) on internationalization processes and the target markets, where the activities to be developed in the coming months are included.

Certainly, even with contingencies, they will always be markets where it will be possible to generate contacts and develop relevant commercial exchanges in the #habitat and #metalomecanica clusters.

We will all together continue to develop and streamline activities, preparing in the same way, an even more dynamic and competitive return for all companies and brands, when we are out of the current conditions.

Be sure to follow us on the project’s social networks, as well as follow the publications here on the blog.

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