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Estudo Prospectivo dos Caminhos e Cenários Estratégicos para o Desenvolvimento Competitivo

The Master Export project, as we have been publicizing, and within the scope of its maximum objective of contributing to the dynamics of exports to the target countries by the Habitat and Metalomechanics clusters, includes the development of a set of study documents and interpretation of the paths and solutions for the internationalization of companies, whether from the perspective of attracting customers or by presenting products and solutions to these markets.

Among these documents developed is now the “Prospective study of the strategic paths and scenarios for the competitive development of the Habitat and Metalomechanics clusters”.

This document of relevance for the structure of the guidelines for the activity to be developed by the project and by the participating companies, was characterized in the scope of the project as:

“It aims to produce and disseminate a study that highlights the new international trends in the 2 clusters and in particular those associated with the international demand for products with greater added value, customized and with high technological incorporation (especially for the equipment goods production segment). “

With the advent of the pandemic across Europe, and with an understanding of its consequences at the level of value chains and with a growing concern with the dynamization of productive solutions within the European community, clusters such as those on which Master Export focuses, they may have a competitive advantage when they are already installed, with productive and adaptive capacity in the face of any requests that may be developed and / or gain dimension.

Thus, of relevance to anyone who is proactively preparing for re-entry into international markets, you can find here a set of information that will help you understand these markets and prepare the activities to approach these potential customers.

Together with the information developed in the scope of the project, the seminars on which we will disseminate the themes shortly, will be a set of tools of extreme utility for the times ahead for the industries of these clusters.

As mentioned in its introduction: “According to the export profile of Portugal, the Metalomecânica and Habitat lines (sub-lines house and construction materials and technologies), are examples of lines that appear as potential sectors of export opportunities , and as such, are included in the opportunity matrices developed in this Prospective Study. ”

In this document you will find an approach that will cover the following themes / chapters:

  1. Introduction,
  2. the Socioeconomic Profile,
  3. Economic Activity;
  4. International buying and selling procedures,
  5. Metalomechanics Row,
  6. Habitat Row,
  7. The main Portuguese companies and brands,
  8. The Methodology,
  9. Challenges and Trends,
  10. Conclusion.

Knowing the market and its actors, whether internal or external, provides knowledge that can enhance the competitive advantages installed or to be developed.

You can download the Prospective Study on the “Info | Docs” tab here on the website, and be sure to follow our publications on social networks as you will soon have news regarding other activities to be developed within the scope of Master Export.

Soon here on the blog we will also present the themes to be developed within the scope of the seminars, as well as the timetable for the development of this and other actions of Master Export.

So be sure to follow these publications and activities on the various social networks where Master Export is present.

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