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Its in March that the Master Export Seminars will begin.

The first seminar of the project, under the theme of “Internationalization of Metalomechanical and Habitat: trends, challenges and opportunities”, will take place in March with a set of speakers and stakeholders who will share their experience and knowledge regarding internationalization processes. It will take place at ISAG (Porto) on the 17th.
This is part of a set of 6 seminars integrated on the theme of Internationalization of Companies of the Habitat and Metalomechanical Clusters.

The speakers, representatives of companies and institutions with activities developed in the scope of internationalization, as well as elements of the consultancy company that provides assistance to the project, will develop and present information on the topics that give title to the seminar.
In a world where many activities are globalized, companies that intend to launch products and marketing processes outside the national territory, must know these three guiding vectors of this activity, which is Internationalization.

With examples that can be framed for the two clusters, as well as specific situations for each of them, the seminar intends to frame the best practices, as well as the relevant areas to be considered by those who start the internationalization process or intend to increase it.

The seminars are part of the training objectives for internationalization included in the project and its goals and main activities.

It will take place at ISAG facilities, which is participating as a scientific partner in the development of technical documentation related to solutions and work in progress within the scope of Master Export, and is scheduled for 6.30 pm, on 17 March.

For more information, be sure to check the project website, as well as the information on the social networks where the project is present.
There you can find information about the program, speakers, and related information.
For any additional information you can contact the promoting entities that can clarify any related issue.

Be sure to guarantee your place by booking your presence.

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