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Master Export – Internationalization of the Metalworking and Habitat clusters

As part of the “MasterExport” project, which the Cambra and Arouca Business Association (AECA) is promoting in partnership with the Águeda Business Association (AEA), a prospecting mission market to France, organized by the AECA.
In this mission, AECA was represented by its president Carlos Brandão, accompanied by Adriano Fidalgo, from Astrolábio, SA, consultant for this project.
The destination of this mission to France, was carried out following the institutional missions previously carried out to Luxembourg and Poland and, to the participation in the Batimat fair in Paris, in November 2019.
The business delegation met in Paris, at the CCIFP – Franco Portuguesa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, represented by its president, Carlos Vinhas Pereira, with the objective of promoting a collaborative network between institutions and companies from both countries on the agenda.

AECA also visited companies with potential importers from the Portuguese market, namely from our region, SARL DU PONT DES JARDINS (LINANDELLE). The regions of Paris and Normandy were chosen and important steps were taken so that the habitat and metalworking sectors find here a reference and receptive market to deepen the reception of products “made in Portugal”.

The final balance of this mission is very promising, being complemented by reverse missions already carried out between Portuguese companies with companies from the markets of France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
With activities carried out in the regions of Vale de Cambra and Arouca (North Region) and Águeda (Central Region), AECA and AEA joined forces to contribute to the gains in export competitiveness in the Metalworking and Habitat sectors. Exporting to increasingly competitive markets, skills gains and competition take on greater relevance in the face of competition, and of extreme importance for all companies.
That’s why Master Export has presented itself with the mission of “supporting companies from both regions, in successful internationalization processes”, creating export channels to countries with high potential and geographically close and enabling them to present themselves in these markets with goods with greater technological incorporation.
The Master Export Project with code 37628 is developed in co-promotion by the AEA and AECA business associations, within the scope of Portugal 2020, specifically, the Support System for Collective Actions (SIAC) – Qualification, inserted in thematic objective nº 3 – “Reinforce the Competitiveness of SMEs”, of the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program, supported by the ERDF.


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