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With the new year we will continue to develop Master Export conferences in the possible formats, given the contingencies that have been imposed.

Three conferences have already been held with a large number of guests and speakers who addressed topics relevant to the purposes of the project.

The themes covered the themes:
– “Digital Business and Market Places”
– International Supply Chain
– Internationalization of Metalworking and Habitat: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

If you did not have the opportunity to watch the videos of the conferences and still have access to the materials that many of the speakers were kind enough to make available to everyone with an interest in reviewing the themes and or deepening the themes starting from the topics covered.

To do so, just click here on the Master Export project website to access the “Information and Training” tab or follow this link.

Likewise many of the conferences were followed by the local media, so we have several publications here on the website’s News with related information, as well as coverage of the events.

Soon we expect to give more news regarding the upcoming conferences, in addition to confirming your locations and dates, the conditions you will be able to attend, which at this stage are dependent on the circumstances and conditions resulting from the State of Emergency.

Follow the news here on the website and on the project’s social networks on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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