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The Conference on the subject of “Digital Transformation” scheduled for 9 March has already presented its program and the panel of speakers.

With a set of experts and entrepreneurs with experiences that they will share with the audience, we will have addressed topics that, in today’s world, are still pressing than would be expected when they were defined for a world in the process of globalization and where digital already represented an advantage competitive and a way to reach other nations and continent.

Thus we will have in the panel on Digital Transformation:

  • Commander Ricardo Abrantes | President of the Águeda Business Association
  • Professor Margarida Urbano | Teacher at ESTGA-UA
  • Vasco Lagarto | TICE
  • Pedro Rocha | PRODUCEC
  • Estela Bastos / Miguel Caldas | Visual Thinking
  • António Ferreira | ESEBI

The topics to be covered are available on the events page, which you can visit at this link.

Be sure to register for the conference to receive the link to attend on March 9th. You can do so through the link: .

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