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Feira e Conferência

The Master Export Conferences are part of the effort to develop the capacities of the companies of the clusters for the implementation of internationalization actions, regardless of their form, successfully implemented within the scope of their activities and region.

Whether these activities are developed within the scope and duration of the project, but mainly for its continuation and maintenance in the phase after this one.

Despite the “pandemic” circumstances in which the project has taken place, and which has affected everyone globally, countless activities and contacts have continued in this period.
In this phase, the activities are replanned and adapted to the new scenarios, namely with regard to the timing of all activities.

Thus, the conferences / seminars are part of the Master Export project with the following framework:

“Training for the internationalization of Habitat and Metalomechanical clusters through the provision of information and knowledge on a computer platform (including good practices in the internationalization of the two tiers) and training actions (workshops) on factors critical to the internationalization of SMEs.”

“Training actions on key skills for export – Cycle of open actions (conferences) of entrepreneurs for export (strategy, marketing, formalities, prospecting, participation in competitions, etc.). It aims to hold work sessions for the practical training of SMEs in terms of exports, especially of products with technological incorporation and high customization in the various fields of management and logistics. “

Based on this framework, and despite the postponement of some of the activities resulting from the global circumstances that we have been experiencing, its schedule will be presented in the short term so that all interested and active in the clusters part of the Master Export – the metal mechanics and the habitat – participate and stimulate the activity for the target markets within these industries, and also generating dynamics in the industry of the regions where the project is inserted.

Pursuing the objectives outlined and enunciated, these six conferences will deal with different subjects of relevance for the success of the participating companies, particularly relevant in an economic phase of high turbulence and where the interest in the intra-community industry has grown in order to reduce the dependence on other markets and geographies.

The themes to be developed during the six conferences to be held will be the following:

  • 1st Seminar – Metalomechanical Internationalization and habitat
  • 2nd Seminar – Supply Chain Management
  • 3rd Seminar – E-Business – Digital Business and Market Places
  • 4th Seminar – Digital Transformation
  • 5th Seminar – Circular Economy and Sustainability
  • 6th Seminar – International Business Strategy and Work 4.0

With the scheduling and holding of the conferences, this notebooks, with all the information related with the conferences will be available on the Master Export website.

The conferences pursue the objective of providing companies and their operationals with an approach to the most relevant tools with regard to critical success factors, and their competitive capacity towards the present international environment.

As well as the ability to act and adapt to a constantly changing environment and where the relevant variables of action include adaptation to different target markets, but also to marketing environments and the most relevant issues for customers (whether these companies or end customers).

Considering the themes presented and the need to boost industrial activity, it is expected that businessmen and those working in the metalworking and habitat companies will boost these actions and actively participate in increasing competitiveness and their commercial dynamics.

Follow the publications on the social networks of the Master Export project and on our blog to learn all about the news and activities in development.

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