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You can read in the project website presentation that:

What Is Master Export?

Portugal is a technological hub beyond digital solutions. Spectacular in tourism, so is it in the industry.
Industry increasingly incorporates more innovation, technology and differentiation in everything it develops and exports for all types of use.
In addition to excellent wine and tourism regions, it has excellent industries concentrated in some areas of the country.
For two of these regions, and for two of their clusters, Master Export is bourn.
With activities carried out in the Águeda (Central Region of Portugal), Vale de Cambra and Arouca regions (Central Region of Portugal), AEA and AECA come together to contribute to the export competitiveness gains of Metalworking and Habitat.
Exporting to an increasingly competitive marketplace, skills gains and coopetition are of greater relevance to competition and of utmost importance to all companies.
That is why Master Export presents itself with the mission of “supporting companies from both regions in a successful internationalization process”.
The project aims to promote the competitive advantages of both clusters and to present their ability to respond and produce solutions for all kind of industries, namely for the countries the project targets.
By getting in touch with the project those who are in search of solutions within the scope of the habitat and metal mechanic clusters, and that search for quality and competitive solutions, its a chance to know competitive, professional and competent companies.
With a long tradition in these clusters, and a strong ability to adapt and produce solutions that serve all kind of solutions adapted to all kind of requirements.
With this project, you can present your needs and they will be introduced to a set of potential suppliers, and you will be placed in touch with them.
You can also have your requirements divulged in the project website to be contacted by all those who feel that have the ability to provide you with a solution.
Visits and information regarding activities oriented to business from Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg and Poland, will also be posted for those interested in starting to know these industries and start a business relation with Portuguese companies.
The situation that we live throughout the world, require that companies and industries within Europe increase relations and competitiveness trade.
Take a chance and be a part of a project that will benefit all players from all sizes and at the same time secure business and jobs for Europe and with a special focus on these clusters.
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