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Supply Chain Management

As mentioned in our previous publication, we continue to present the themes of the Seminars that are being developed under the Master Export project.
The seminars were postponed due to the Covid pandemic 19.
At this time in the process of scheduling and looking for solutions so that, despite the restrictions and health rules, everyone can participate and follow the seminars, taking advantage and advantages for their internationalization processes.

The second theme of the seminars is “Supply Chain Management”.

The objective of this seminar and the accompanying study, is to develop and deepen knowledge regarding supply chain management and its processes.
As a management process it can provide competitive advantages, including gains in terms of production by integrating activities related to “planning, coordination and control of materials, parts and goods from suppliers to the customer” (Stevens, 1989).

The management of the relationships between the actors along the chain, is essential for the criteria required for the final product to be met, as well as for the incorporation of added value in order to provide products that have the incorporation of technological solutions, increasing innovation , and add value that is recognized by the market and by end customers who are interested in exported solutions and that fit the needs of their target market.

With all these associated gains, it is possible to guarantee the delivery of a product to the customer, within the established deadlines, reducing costs throughout the network and the stakeholders – possible solution for an active management of the supply chain – which in an internationalization process can be decisive to guarantee a market, a customer and expansion.

Be sure to participate in this seminar, and follow the publications here on the blog and on social networks for more information, including the calendar of associated events.

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