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We continue to introduce the themes to be presented in the framework of Master Export seminars.
The theme of this seminar assumes particular relevance in the scope of the project as it is one of the most relevant tools in the aim of projecting companies to their potential customers, particularly in the target markets.

In addition to this relevance, it is considered important for companies to enhance their technological agility and dynamics in terms of efficiency.
All of these scenarios took on particular relevance at this time of living with the pandemic, with the limitations on travel, as well as with the adoption of new ways of working, particularly when much of this work has to be done remotely (even within the company itself) – the contacts themselves took on, as we all know, a digital form regardless of where in the world the interlocutors are located.
But this transformation can take other forms and bring additional benefits.

What are we talking about, in a comprehensive way, when we address the issue of digital transformation, and in a transversal way that other issues will be addressed in the seminar that will be developed and soon scheduled?

Digital Transformation, which is:
Digital transformation is a process in which companies explore the use of digital technology to improve performance, increasing reach and ensuring better results. It is a structural change in organizations, giving an essential role to technology.
On a visual radar, most companies start to contextualize and acquire new knowledge in relation to this topic. However the bet may have some gaps in the practical part due to its complexity.
It is a radical change in the structure of organizations, from which technology becomes a central strategic role, and not just a superficial presence, we can refer to 4 changes, such as: technology, culture, operations and deliveries of value.”

Why we should do a digital transformation:
Process improvement: The new digital age with current technologies allows organizations to automate simpler processes and eliminate intermediaries from more complex processes.
New revenue streams: New profitable paths are opened up through emerging technologies.
Creating personalized and engaging experiences for customers: The current market expects companies to listen to their specific needs. Digital development provides exactly the answer to individualized situations.”

In the seminar dedicated to this theme, the different variables relevant to the digital transformation of organizations will be addressed, framing the 4 aspects referenced in the need for change for a positive and profitable result.
This is particularly so at a time when digital has assumed great relevance for the operationalization of business in today’s world, particularly when many regions have already gone through, or are going through, periods of confinement and restriction of their movements.

Stay tuned and, as soon as confirmation of its schudle, sign up to find out the best ways to act and incorporate digital into your company’s daily activities throughout all operations.


Be sure to participate in this seminar, and follow the publications here on the blog and on social networks for more information, including the calendar of associated events.

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