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Once again, and to pursue the objective of, in this pandemic phase, provide information so that entrepreneurs can, as far as possible, continue to develop their expansion scenarios to continue their activity with all the dynamics for the post phase -pandemic, another excerpt from one of the market notebooks developed under the scope of Master Export is available.

This time it targets the Spanish market and its intrinsic characteristics.

Naturally, we will observe changes and adaptations of these realities in the post-Covid19 phases.
But the knowledge of the basic realities in terms of industry and economy is the grounds for the development of a future action plan.

As mentioned in the presentation of the previous section:

Market notebooks are one of the objectives of developing information about the target markets of the Master Export project.
They are framed in the need to better know the destinations with potential for exporting products from the two clusters on which this project operates – Metalomechanic and Habitat.

As described in the project, it has several objectives to assist business development with these markets aimed at being more relevant to both these clusters installed in the regions where the entire project is developed and focused. “

Thus, the summary of the Spain Market Book is presented, as a part of the document that can be downloaded on the website, in the “Info | Docs” area:

“Spain, officially designated as the Kingdom of Spain, has the 14th place in the rank of countries with the greatest influence and economic impact. As it is a neighbour to Portuguese territories, there is a set of political and economic partnerships and cooperation. In the table below, you can find a summary of the main macroeconomic indicators for France for 2017 and 2018.

According to the International Trade Center (ITC), Spain’s top five supply markets in 2018 were Germany, China, Italy, France and the United Kingdom, and Spain’s top five customer markets were France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

In general, the index related to investments for the foreign market was consistently shown without major fluctuations. However public debt stands out due to the gradual increase in external indebtedness.”

The main products imported by Spain from Portugal:

Spain Imported Goods

The relationship between Portugal and Spain is shown through economic, political and also social partnerships.
Also, geographical proximity influences the connection between these influencing characters.

Over the past three years, imports have gradually increased with a TCMA of 3.4%. The total TCMA of the products was 4.35%.
The product that showed the greatest growth was mineral fuels and mineral oils with a TCMA of 49.7% and then iron and steel registered a TCMA of 26.8%. In contrast, furniture had a negative TCMA of 7.88%.

To continue analysing the document, and get more information about this market, download it at this link.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to focus our attention on the remaining target markets of this Master Export project.
That even put in “slow-motion” given the contingencies, will continue to make efforts so that the return is more agile and well prepared.

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