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What are the objectives of Master Export?

The Master Export, as expressed in the project website and documentation, is developed in co-authorship between AEA and AECA, oriented towards the industrial clusters of Metalomechanics and Habitat.

This is the main objective for the Master Export project:

“It aims to support the internationalization of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) within the sectors of the Metalworking and Habitat clusters, with impact on the regions between Mondego and Douro and especially the Central Coast and North Region of Portugal. Co-promoted by the Business Association of Águeda (AEA) and the Business Association of Vale de Cambra e Arouca (AECA), it focuses on five target markets: Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg and Poland. ”

Its main activities are:

  • Provide information on best practices for the internationalization of SMEs in these two sectors; as well as training actions and seminars on some of the key areas;
  • Encourage and or stimulate exports to the five target countries for the industries of these two clusters;
  • Make the capacities of these industries known to companies in the countries targeted by the project and at sectorial international fairs;
  • Support companies in the success of their internationalization processes;
  • Strengthen the internationalization of SMEs in the value chain of the Habitat and Metalomechanic sectors;
  • Create new export channels to countries with high potential for the sectors and geographically close;
  • Enable companies to present themselves in these markets with goods with greater technological incorporation, differentiated and customized;
  • Stimulate the use of digital solutions by companies in the dissemination and promotion of potential markets.

Thus, its activities will have an internal and external dynamism, with the development of activities for the companies of the clusters (seminars, workshops, training) and activities with the target markets, either by participating in international sector fairs; or by carrying out reverse missions promoting the visit of potential buyers from the target markets; and the development of institutional missions to promote and disseminate the industrial activities of the clusters and their knowledge and recognition in these markets. As well as the national business fabric and its potential.

Assuming an export-oriented aspect and its dynamism, based on the industry of these regions, Master Export takes the position of “producer of opportunities” for these companies, which is reflected in its signature – “Manufacturing Opportunities”.

Companies interested in participating in this project, namely in their seminars and workshops, will have the opportunity to boost their offer on the project platform, which will be oriented to the referred markets. In addition to being able to learn about the different actions and solutions they can take advantage of.
One of the driving forces behind the project is the adoption and use of digital solutions by companies in this sector as a way of reaching new markets and potential customers.

For this purpose, this platform was developed with the information and documentation that will be produced for the project. It has a periodic update and that will provide the exchange of information with the promoters.
Likewise, its contents will be promoted targeting the industries of the five recipient countries defined in the scope of the project as having potential for both clusters participating in the Master Export – metal mechanics and habitat.

Thus, the partner associations in this project, challenge the players (entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, managers and company executives) of these sectors to participate and develop their activity in order to boost the growth of their customers in foreign markets and their export volume. for the target countries of the project.

The first event is already scheduled – a seminar under the theme “Metalworking and Habitat Internationalization: trends, challenges, opportunities”, on March 17th.

Be sure to participate!

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