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Within the scope of the “Master Export” project, of which the Águeda Business Association (AEA) is promoting in partnership with the Cambra and Arouca Business Association (AECA), within the scope of Portugal 2020, specifically, the Support System for Collective Actions (SIAC) – Qualification, and included in thematic objective nº 3 – “Reinforce the Competitiveness of SMEs” of the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational

Master Export – Internationalization of the Metalworking and Habitat clusters As part of the “MasterExport” project, which the Cambra and Arouca Business Association (AECA) is promoting in partnership with the Águeda Business Association (AEA), a prospecting mission market to France, organized by the AECA. In this mission, AECA was represented by its president Carlos Brandão, accompanied by Adriano Fidalgo, from Astrolábio, SA, consultant for

A AEA tem vindo a desenvolver vários projetos destinados a apoiar os principais setores de atividade económica da região, face à relevância regional dos mesmos no nosso tecido empresarial.   Este projeto, promovido pela Associação Empresarial de Águeda (AEA) em cooperação com a Associação Empresarial de Cambra e Arouca (AECA), designado "MASTER EXPORT", no âmbito do Portugal 2020 e especificamente do Sistema de Apoio

Several activities were carried out during this Business Mission, which had the cooperation of the Poland-Portugal Chamber of Commerce. Meetings with companies from the Metalomecânica and Habitat clusters, as well as a visit to the "Industry Week Fair – International Fair for Innovative Industrial Solutions". The action was attended by the Águeda Business Association (AEA) represented by vice president Óscar Mendes and Patrícia Gonçalves,

The Master Export project carried out one of its business mission with a visit to Luxembourg. The visit includes several contacts with the embassy and other local entities, as can be seen in the news published in the newspaper "Bom Dia".   You can read the article published here:   You can also see the interview and the evaluation of the visit carried out by Carlos

BOM DIA is an online newspaper dedicated to covering the news of Portuguese communities around the world, with emphasis on the six European countries with the largest Portuguese presence: Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Switzerland. As part of the visit to Luxembourg as part of the Master Export project, he published the news that can be found on the link presented. Regarding

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