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Master Export Seminar - "Internationalization"

Although the timetable for the seminars is not fully determined, and will be announced shortly, this week we begin to present the topics that each one of this sessions will have, and what will be addressed by the guests. After the seminar there will be a notebook gathering the information related with the theme.
The notebook will be available for download in the documents section here on the project website.

The first seminar will deal with “Internationalization in the metalworking and Habitat”.

Within this theme, the internationalization process will be analyzed, in its different motivations and phases, seeking to support the pursuit of this strategy, both for those who are still developing the plan and in perliminar phases; as well as for those who have already started and with that have the process underway (regardless of the approach they have chosen to do so, and the markets on which they are developing these actions).

Among other subjects covered, the internationalization process will be reviewed based on an appropriate strategy for each company, including:

  1. importance of internationalization;
  2. an orientation to the process;
  3. the reasons;
  4. the difficulties of internationalizing;
  5. ways of entering foreign markets.

These steps and lessons for the internationalization process, will contribute to the development of solutions that provide results in line with the needs and guidelines of each company.
Since it will always focus on the scope of the two clusters that are part of the Master Export – Habitat and Metalomecânica.

The development of an internationalization strategy for an organization/product/brand, today can be considered by the existence of the possibility of obtaining capital gains according to its productive capacities or segmentation of its offer.

Equally relevant is the development of skills or that suit the markets under consideration for entry or exploitation.

As already mentioned in the information published in the scope of other notebooks available for download, and as part of the project’s goals with regard to boosting the competitive capacity of the companies involved and its orientation towards the conquest of other markets, it is relevant:

  1. the capacity to innovate;
  2. differentiation and products with greater added value;
  3. customized products;
  4. with high technological incorporation.

Using approaches like Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail”, companies today are more likely to succeed in their processes of addressing foreign markets, particularly when working in business-to-business markets, where the factors mentioned above will certainly be a competitive advantage.

Be sure to participate in this seminar, and follow the publications here on the blog and on social networks for more information, including the calendar of associated events.

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