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Once more, we are presenting a theme from one of the seminars to be held within the scope of Master Export.

While it is not possible to schedule the seminars so that all interested parties can participate, we want to introduce the themes so that those interested can explore the theme and select the ones that may be most relevant to their different internal development teams, and so that they have information about what may be the topics covered.

For the third planned seminar, the theme focuses on E-business and its growing relevance for companies in the internationalization process, a relevant factor within the scope of the Master Export project.

With an exponential growth, digital and online activities, as a result of the pandemic times that we live in, and being a fundamental way of maintaining and stimulating local and global businesses, this theme proves to be relevant and of high importance, with the objective of increase and target the competitiveness of companies, their businesses and products.

It will also be able to guarantee the visibility and dynamics of the business (according to its different tools), also providing the ability to maintain and develop the companies activity in remote work, or according to the different needs of adaptability in the current circumstances.

As mentioned in the notebook to be presented at this seminar:

The importance of e-business – Digital business and Marketplaces – is quite significant and from the marketing point of view it is essential to have a layout developed according to market niche.

In the sales chapter, it can reduce the administration’s work efforts, facilitate customer service and diversify the customer’s payment method, we can increase the number of customers and, consequently, orders .

The difference between “conventional” and “electronic” commerce is almost minimal so it is essential that companies evolved in this chapter.”

Thus, in this seminar, the participants will get a sense of some concepts and needs for the operationalization of this type of solutions.

Knowledge of the E-business theme will be provided within the scope of Digital Business and Marketplaces, and more specifically the following topics will be addressed:

  • E-business definition and differentiate e-business from e-commerce.
  • Address the e-commerce structure by defining all the parts that are not visible and how commercial transactions in the same market category are carried out.
  • Treat all known relationship modalities. Clarify what the Digital Business is and how to start it.

We can thus conclude that e-business and e-commerce are fundamental tools for companies, with a view to restructuring their internal processes, having the technological system as their primary resource.
The evolution of technological means represents, as a whole, a significant and diversified increase in the customer portfolio and prospecting for profits and sales.

The inclusion of E-Business in metalworking and habitat companies is, therefore, relevant because the electronic market has been growing and developing considerably in globaly and the advantages are real.
Its impact on the economy will be enormous in the short term, as is the case in many target markets for the Master Export project.

Be sure to participate in this seminar, and follow the publications here on the blog and on social networks for more information, including the calendar of associated events.

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