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The pandemic evolution has forced many changes in all activities and the reformulation of many of the objectives and schedules that were previously defined. The Master Export project is no exception, and many efforts have been made to maintain, within the existing contingencies, both in Portugal and in the destination countries, the project's activities. This new pandemic wave, with a significant impact in terms

The Master Export project, after suspending some of the events that were planned, due to the pandemic, restarts the activities and actions planned with a calendar adapted to the new reality, but with the same impetus to achieve the proposed objectives and contribute to the success of companies that are part of the target clusters - Habitat and Metalomechanics. Although the project was

As mentioned in our previous publication, we continue to present the themes of the Seminars that are being developed under the Master Export project. The seminars were postponed due to the Covid pandemic 19. At this time in the process of scheduling and looking for solutions so that, despite the restrictions and health rules, everyone can participate and follow the seminars, taking advantage and

Although the timetable for the seminars is not fully determined, and will be announced shortly, this week we begin to present the topics that each one of this sessions will have, and what will be addressed by the guests. After the seminar there will be a notebook gathering the information related with the theme. The notebook will be available for download in the

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