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Now you can find a updates on the papers of the last webinars, here at the website on the info|docs>informations and training page.   The papers with an update are the one's with that are last in roll, and in the following subjects: Guia de Boas Práticas - 4ª Transformação Digital Guia de Boas Práticas - 5º Economia Circular e Sustentabilidade Guia de Boas

The AECA published on its website an exhaustive report on the topics that were addressed and discussed in relation to the Circular Economy and Sustainability. In the published article you can find references to the various panels and interlocutors who participated. You can read the news in full on the AECA website through this link.   You can also view or review the conference on the

The 5th Master Export Conference is already tomorrow. Under the theme “Circular Economy and Sustainability”, it will take place in digital format through the teams platform. Be sure to participate by signing up at It will have a comprehensive panel where topics such as: Colep Product - Sustainability Circular Economy in the Cement Industry Innovation in Waste Recovery Resource Management and Sustainability A vast

It is already tomorrow the 4th Conference of the Master Export project dedicated to the theme "Digital Transformation". With a wide range of specialists to address the theme, and organized by AEA - Associação Empresarial de Águeda with the collaboration of AECA - Associação Empresarial de Cambra e Arouca and ESTGA-UA - School of Technology and Management of Águeda - University of Aveiro,

The pandemic evolution has forced many changes in all activities and the reformulation of many of the objectives and schedules that were previously defined. The Master Export project is no exception, and many efforts have been made to maintain, within the existing contingencies, both in Portugal and in the destination countries, the project's activities. This new pandemic wave, with a significant impact in terms

With the new year we will continue to develop Master Export conferences in the possible formats, given the contingencies that have been imposed. Three conferences have already been held with a large number of guests and speakers who addressed topics relevant to the purposes of the project. The themes covered the themes: - "Digital Business and Market Places" - International Supply Chain - Internationalization of Metalworking and

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