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Once more, we are presenting a theme from one of the seminars to be held within the scope of Master Export. While it is not possible to schedule the seminars so that all interested parties can participate, we want to introduce the themes so that those interested can explore the theme and select the ones that may be most relevant to their different

As mentioned in our previous publication, we continue to present the themes of the Seminars that are being developed under the Master Export project. The seminars were postponed due to the Covid pandemic 19. At this time in the process of scheduling and looking for solutions so that, despite the restrictions and health rules, everyone can participate and follow the seminars, taking advantage and

Although the timetable for the seminars is not fully determined, and will be announced shortly, this week we begin to present the topics that each one of this sessions will have, and what will be addressed by the guests. After the seminar there will be a notebook gathering the information related with the theme. The notebook will be available for download in the

The Master Export Conferences are part of the effort to develop the capacities of the companies of the clusters for the implementation of internationalization actions, regardless of their form, successfully implemented within the scope of their activities and region. Whether these activities are developed within the scope and duration of the project, but mainly for its continuation and maintenance in the phase after

The Master Export project, as we have been publicizing, and within the scope of its maximum objective of contributing to the dynamics of exports to the target countries by the Habitat and Metalomechanics clusters, includes the development of a set of study documents and interpretation of the paths and solutions for the internationalization of companies, whether from the perspective of attracting customers

BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN, AS AN INSTRUMENT TO SUPPORT MANAGEMENT IN THE FIGHT AGAINST “FALL IN METALOMECHANICS. COVID-19 DRAWED 9.4% TO THE EXPORT CHAMPION ”   The ongoing coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), due to its direct and indirect consequences, awakens us to the need to develop a business continuity plan (“Business Continuity Plan”) that supports companies in their relaunch and minimizes its impacts, in order to

We finish the information regarding the Market Notebooks developed within the scope of the Master Export project with the presentation of the preliminary information available in the notebook that is available for download on the project website. Maintaining an environment of instability and uncertainty resulting from the pandemic that we have been experiencing in recent months, the relevance of studying and understanding how

The Market Notebook presented this time looks at the French market and its relevant characteristics for the target clusters. Naturally, we will observe changes and adaptations of these realities in the post Covid phases19. But the knowledge of their basic realities in terms of industry and economy, are the basis for the development of a future action plan. As mentioned in the presentation of the

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