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Author: master2019

We finish the information regarding the Market Notebooks developed within the scope of the Master Export project with the presentation of the preliminary information available in the notebook that is available for download on the project website. Maintaining an environment of

The Market Notebook presented this time looks at the French market and its relevant characteristics for the target clusters. Naturally, we will observe changes and adaptations of these realities in the post Covid phases19. But the knowledge of their basic realities in

Once again, and to pursue the objective of, in this pandemic phase, provide information so that entrepreneurs can, as far as possible, continue to develop their expansion scenarios to continue their activity with all the dynamics for the post phase

Market notebooks are one of the objectives of developing information in relation to the target markets of the Master Export project. They are framed in the need to better know the destinations with potential for exporting products from the two rows

The 1st seminar of Master Export (which was scheduled for 17 March) and was scheduled to be held at ISAG, like many other events at national level, was postponed. Considering the national situation, and following the recommendations to reduce events where

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